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As a citizen of Mystic Falls Virginia, you will create your character and start out here. Either sign up as a canon, or play a newcomer to the small town.. Make friends, make enemies, be a protagonist or an antagonist. It's all up to you, play yourself (as a human...duhr) or anyone else.

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 At Night in October [Damion]

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Jaden Walker


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PostSubject: At Night in October [Damion]   Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:25 pm

Okay so be a judgemental piglet, but Jaden had just wandered off campus. She had just drank nothing. Give or take 2 bottles of rum. When it first hits you, it tastes like poison down your throat but after a little while, the good feeling that is being drunk outways the whole taste thing. Drinking was more or less a second nature for Jaden. Her parents were always a tad strict, and typically when you are raised by overly strict parents, you're either perfect, or ruined. Although Jaden didn't like to admit it, she was ruined. A tiny bit.

Jaden stumbled into the cemetery with a bottle in her bag. Her hair was kind of a mess and she had on a sweater and leggings. In October. At night in October. That was just ratchet to the max but she didn't care. She liked the cold. And being ratchet. Sometimes. Not really.
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Damion Norwatch


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PostSubject: Re: At Night in October [Damion]   Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:01 am

It was an uneventful day in the life of Damion; there was school, boring stuff, he did get a chance to see Bonnie between classes and spoke with her briefly which he was still in a good mood about. However there was always that one time that made him want to go to the cemetery. Either his mom was buried there, or he just enjoyed showing up to crazy places to be 'ghetto' as some would say.

Damion didn't really like to drink, it was costly to his vision and reflexes, which he had wanted to try and keep sharp while being surrounded by vampires and hybrids, let alone the huge scale that there were in Mystic Falls. Thankfully almost all of them kept their distance. Either that or they just didn't know there was another witch in the town.

So he went a wandering around, not quite stumbling like another person was that he had heard - thankfully. However that didn't mean he never heard her. When he happened upon her while he was behind a tree; she actually looked pretty cute, and must have been new in town because he never noticed her before. What was it with hot black girls? He questioned for a moment, somehow forgetting that he was black himself. First there was his ex girlfriend from his old school whom was black, and then Bonnie, and now this new girl who he wouldn't really mind getting the number of. Even though he was still interested in Bonnie, she still seemed hung up on James, and thought that it might be nice to explore his options in case James does in fact show back up on her doorstep and she welcomes him with open arms.

He peaked his head out from behind the tree, but it was still blacked out by the shadows that shaded the area. "you know, you shouldn't be wandering around in creepy cemeteries without a friend"
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Jaden Walker


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PostSubject: Re: At Night in October [Damion]   Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:35 pm

Jaden heard a voice. She had no idea what was going on. Maybe it was because she was drunk, but she honestly did not see anybody when she turned around. Was she hallucinating? Was Jaden really becoming a psycopath that needed to be locked up in some looney bin? Suddenly, she realized what was happening. She knew who it was and why he was talking to her. God? ...I...Is that you? She asked in soothing tone, looking up at the blackness of the sky.
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PostSubject: Re: At Night in October [Damion]   

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At Night in October [Damion]
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