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As a citizen of Mystic Falls Virginia, you will create your character and start out here. Either sign up as a canon, or play a newcomer to the small town.. Make friends, make enemies, be a protagonist or an antagonist. It's all up to you, play yourself (as a human...duhr) or anyone else.

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 Prisoner (Kiara/???)

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Kiara Constance


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PostSubject: Prisoner (Kiara/???)   Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:03 pm

OOC: This is meant to be a mystery at first its an open thread though

Fes matos tribum nas ex viras, Sequitas saguines, Ementas asten mihan ega petous. Terra Mora Vantis, Quo Incandis! I say as i burn some personal items... continuing the spell in the cemetery always a great hotspot especially for a spell of this magnitude.
Somno Retium Per Dax Ritum. Winds start blowing heavily... i can feel the strength of the spell coursing through my body, oh expression gave such a better feeling then magic spells with the aid of spirits. The spell is almost complete and even with expression its taking a toll on my body, as i chant over him my nose bleeding... my skin becomes dark and demonic. I placed a drop of blood on the forehead of the body that is before me, as it is in a coffin chained up as I finish the spell.
Somno Retium Per Dax Ritum..... Fas Matos Integrum Callos E Malon Elijas Accodum Quosan Nabendox Celijas Semalon Gedouconagis Sarul Famadon Dissendium Vinum Fes Matos Integrum Callos Quosan Nabendox. All the candles flare up and the room erupts in a great inferno and all the fire then just disappears the smoke entering the body.

I drop to the floor, greatly weakened damn i can barely move a finger damn this better pay off because i sacrificed a great deal of time and magic gathering the necessary requirements for this spell. I also put my life on the line casting this spell, oh he better be grateful ....grateful and cooperative.
I then sleep.....

I wake up 2 days later the sun is shinning through the few crevasses that allow light ....Jesus two days, just to recover. I say gripping my forehead and I run to the coffin just to see if where the body is and no one is there.....and i look around carefully. The Mossellium is spelled so no one could exit.... besides how could it have escaped it shouldn't have been able to escape FUCK i better have not messed this up.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoner (Kiara/???)   Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:50 am

I was so groggy ... my strength sapped from me yet i was still able to break the chains that bound me....I was hooded probably to hide my identity should the wrong people have found me.
I use was little enhanced speed i have left... and then i see the witch... the familiar witch enter looking for me it seems...
I am so... weak..not only that images and thoughts flash through my mind that don't seem to be my own. I see the witch and i am so weak that i come up behind her and bite her tasting her delicious blood and regaining some ounce of strength...
Y..YOU... your the one who... put me in the coffin.....why am I not dead? What are these images I see in my mind...Tell me.
I ask as i did feed on her but I didn't drink enough to make her incoherent... at least i hope
I give her some blood to help her heal i may have drank too much, damn i like to feed but not to kill, well only those who are in my way or deserve it.

I hold her up while she regains her strength
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Kiara Constance


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PostSubject: Re: Prisoner (Kiara/???)   Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:20 pm

I yell in pain... even though i tried not to scream...but he was killing me... to the point that i couldn't even use magic to protect myself.... but he stopped and gave me blood.

Yes...I put you in the coffin because Klaus didn't want you to die like the others... while you were sleep he went on a road trip with Stefan Salvatore and found out that its the dopplegangers blood that was needed to transform hybrids. AHHH shit if you wanted a bite you could have just asked but ... your not completely yourself... you died before receiving the dopplegangers blood so i had to use extreme magic to bring you back. I used a resurrection spell and a blood link spell... to connect you to the Reid family since they are full of Hybrids themselves. The one known as Casper died luckily before his soul reached the other side i was able to lets say put a piece of his psyche inside you...so you should have his memories....including the ones on the cure.. I say as this is clearly all new to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoner (Kiara/???)   

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Prisoner (Kiara/???)
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