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As a citizen of Mystic Falls Virginia, you will create your character and start out here. Either sign up as a canon, or play a newcomer to the small town.. Make friends, make enemies, be a protagonist or an antagonist. It's all up to you, play yourself (as a human...duhr) or anyone else.

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 Cassidy Taylor Valvone

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Cassidy Valvone

Cassidy Valvone

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PostSubject: Cassidy Taylor Valvone   Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:44 am

Full Name: Cassidy Taylor Valvone
Nicknames: Cass
Age: 17
Job: Student/ Junior
Family: Thomas Valvone/Uncle | Kelly Valvone/Aunt
Species: Hunter, Hunter

Character Face: Annasophia Robb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Distinguishing Features:Extremely short for age

Quirks: Scared of deep bodies of water
Likes: Hunting, Books, Partying, Listening to music
Dislikes: Unnatural creatures, Liars, Orange cars

Biography: Cassidy, better known as Cass was born on a stormy night in the small town of Riverwood, Washington. Being born to a teen mom, she was soon given up for adoption. Marcus and Jamie Valone, promptly adopted the child without hesitation. Growing up in a fairly normal house, Cass was never aware of that her parents weren't biologically hers until she was in high school. After coming home from school one day, she witnessed her first sighting of the supernatural world as her parents were brutally murdered by some vampires. Not knowing what to do, she ran to her uncle's house and told them what she saw. Little did she know that all this time her uncle was a hunter and not having anyone else, he and his wife took in Cass as their own. This however was the start of a new life for her, a life as a hunter. Of course they told her everything she needed to know about all the creatures she had read about in books, and a few things about herself. Naturally, she wanted revenge for her parent's death, but her uncle wouldn't let her go pick a fight with vampires without knowing in the slightest how to kill them. Instead her trained her, and surprisingly she adapted in no time. Her first kill was in fact the two vampires that killed her parents and after that she just couldn't stop. After almost being killed on a hunt, her uncle insisted that they move.

Some hunters describe Cass as too impulsive and reckless, but she knows what she's doing, she just likes to have fun while she kills. She isn't one for reason and assumes every creature is evil. While she isn't one to attack one in public, she usually finds a way to isolate the monster, and kill it. Sometimes Cass gets a bit carried away and likes to go the long way with torture and all that fun stuff, but that's a rarity. Usually finding herself in plenty of sticky situations, Cass is a natural when it comes to improv and she can weasel her way out of almost anything. At school, Cass blends in and has many acquaintances but only a few close friends. She's outgoing, and loves a good party. Cass enjoys school activities and does whatever she can to be involved. She's a bit wild and is usually the one spiking the punch bowl at a dance. Her uncle is very protective of her so she sneaks out regularly, sometimes to hunt and other times to just roam. Overall Cass is an eccentric character who just loves to kill and have fun while doing it.

Example RP: example of how you RP, paragraph or two. CANONS ONLY.
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Kit Kat Petrova. [:

Kit Kat Petrova. [:

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PostSubject: Re: Cassidy Taylor Valvone   Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:51 am

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Mystic Falls

idk if we should be long lost twins or not...<3


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Cassidy Taylor Valvone
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