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As a citizen of Mystic Falls Virginia, you will create your character and start out here. Either sign up as a canon, or play a newcomer to the small town.. Make friends, make enemies, be a protagonist or an antagonist. It's all up to you, play yourself (as a human...duhr) or anyone else.

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 Nick Halden

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Nick Halden

Nick Halden

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PostSubject: Nick Halden   Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:40 pm

Full Name: Nicholas James Halden
Nicknames: Nick
Age: Twenty-Seven
Job: Vampire Hunter, cover job is FBI Agent (legit)
Family: Joseph Halden (conman, unknown) Ellen Parker (cop, alive)

Character Face: Matt Bomer
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Nothing really out of the ordinary, a couple scars: one located over his right shoulder from a scuffle with a vampire, another almost directly over his heart from where one tried to rip it out.

Quirks: Enjoys flicking zippo lighter open and closed, sometimes likes wearing fedoras to avoid certain cameras for his part time hobby.
Likes: Smoking, Chicken Parmesan, Wine, Girls, Sex.
Dislikes: Beer, Vampires, Hybrids, People associated with those two.

Biography: Growing up as the son of a Conman and Cop wasn't the easiest life, sure - there was fun times spent with both his mom and dad, one of his dad's cons was actually how he had met Ellen. It was about four years prior to Nick being born, his dad had just flown in to New York City where his mom was working in the white collar crime division. Joseph thought it would have been fun to forge a painting and sell it for a profit, but Ellen pulled the short end of the straw, and ended up catching him a year later in his apartment.

But after awhile their marriage became strained, it was after Nick was born; his dad kept secrets from his mom, as she kept secrets from his dad, her husband. Nick tried to not pay attention to it, parents would be parents, and he was only six or something like that. They ended up getting a divorce, and Nick went to live with his mom because of the fact that his dad wasn't able to support him as well as Elle was able to.

So he had a pretty normal life, had his group of friends, hadn't spoken to his dad in several years since that one night in NYC when his mom took him out of the house. But thanks to Elle, Nick had an enjoyable childhood. He went to school, received his education, he even got almost all straight A+ on his report cards through high school; some may have even called him a genius. One day, Nick came across something that he had never seen before, a corpse - laying on the ground as if thrown against a tree, she had two holes in her neck. But before that day, there had always been reported 'animal attacks' in the area and Nick didn't really think anything of it, mainly because animal attacks are common. However, Vampire attacks are not.

After that little inclination to find out the truth, Nick went all over the city to different libraries, and with his extensive IQ, it wasn't long before he came onto the discovery of Vampirism. But that same discovery didn't manifest itself until a few years later after he had joined the FBI. Before, after all of his research, he had still not come across one vampire, and decided to stop his obsession that he had been keeping, and chose to just let it go. After Nick did that, his scores skyrocketed, his field tests and cases went through quickly, and he finished them up with one of the best partners there had been....

Unfortunately, during one of the cases, the victim was his prior mentioned partner, Moz, whom had the same two puncture wounds on his neck as the man did before that Nick came across. This time, he was going to catch him. This time, he was going to kill him; and this time, Nick would get revenge. That Vampire, that was the same one that lead him to Mystic Falls, where there would be more vampires for him to kill.
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Kit Kat Petrova. [:

Kit Kat Petrova. [:

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Halden   Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:23 pm



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Nick Halden
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